Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spotlight on Continuum Cycles

Hopefully I'll be able to make a regular feature out of this... Hopefully.

Continuum is Jeff's shop in Alphabet City (remember Rent? same place but with less junkies and more parks).

Possibly one of the most welcoming shops I've ever been in. These guys sell new, used and exotic parts like whoa. Looking for an old school Corima TT frame? An aerospoke? Laek House shirts and hats? Crazy ano'd parts? Chris King headsets? NJS? Italian and rare-ass frames? Back-rubs? They've got a grip on it. Continuum is also second to none in its love for the local scene and you'll know this before you even get in the front door.

Support Continuum!

199 Avenue B, Between 12th and 13th streets.


Yup. A bunch have shipped out the door in the month or so. Do you want to order some? Contact your local bike shop and have them place an order directly with VelocityUSA.

A few side notes though on the ELVS rims:
1. No rim brakes with these rims, EVER. The film will be irreparable damaged.
2. The coating/film is soft so bear that in mind. This means be careful locking up! Also don't hang the bike by an ELVS rim because some deformation can result.
3. Keep it clean for maximum visibility. Use a clean rag (like an old tee shirt) to wipe them down.

Email us directly with an questions!


This month sees Laek House in three Magazines.

Intersection Magazine, a UK publication that focuses on vehicular transportation, but not to the exclusion of alternative forms. Published with fantastic art direction for around a year? Good stuff and the Publisher/Art Director is fixture on the UK bike polo scene too.

Bicycling: Look to the calender early on. 5/30/08 is the anniversary of one of Pantani's many road victories.

Dirt Rag: One of my hats is on some guy's head. He has both a beard and glasses. Very woodsy PA?