Friday, June 12, 2009

Moving to a WordPress blog,

I'll no longer be updating this blog, all further entries will be found here:

Please update your feeds to reflect the new URL.

Thank you.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

42 Below, Ride Across America

Starting on June 23rd (I think) from the NYC Bike Film Festival, 42 Below is sponsoring a ride across the USA. Looks pretty awesome, 42 Below is going to be driving a van with everyone's gear in it behind the riders. The 42 riders have already been selected and have picked between a northern (shorter but mountainous) and southern (longer and hotter) route.

Laek House and Velocity, are sponsoring Adrianna Tippit-Martelli as she takes the northern route across the country. She will be joined by a bunch of people from NYC as well as notable people such as Jacqui Phelan. Pretty rad.

More on Adrianna and her build up as it progresses....

More on Jacquie Phelan: Blog
42 Below Vodka ads on YouTube

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dinosaur Jr.

I'm a huge fan of J.Mascis (the bellied dude with the long white hair)and am stoked that Lou Barlow has stopped whining for a second to get the band back together!!! Hell yes!

There are some pretty funny articles about the dynamic of Lou and J from both their perspectives. It mostly came off like Lou was annoyed at J for being too self-involved (this is funny because Lou comes off just as bad, always whining about J being a tool to him and not considering his roll in the morass that is their friendship. Whoops!)

Expect to see me rocking out this summer.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

European Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships, London, August 1-2.

Great flier! I love the cardboard texture.

Bike Film Festival, NYC

I think I'm going to be manning a table during the day? Not 100%...

Monday, June 1, 2009


Cyclezine, based out of San Fran, is my new favorite addition to my Google Reader. The posts and editorial are consistently interesting and more importantly, original! It is a tasteful look at cycling, past and present.

Nice review of the new Pushbike shop


Tom Simpson

And, well, Moz's 50th birthday! (A very SF thing donchakno)

Cambodian Traffic Vid

Cambodian Traffic from Colby Sue on Vimeo.

There isn't much bicycle content in this vid but it is worth watching none the less.

The density and chaotic nature of Phnom Penh's traffic is really amazing. The moped and scooter seem to be the vehicle of choice. I would rather have an AT-AT (very First World of me) to get around that mess.