Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Winter hats are sold out!


I'm trying to make more, but being a small company can make sourcing materials hard sometimes, so bear with me.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Winter hats are here!

Whew! Got the Laek House Winter Hats (aka Winter Hat) in on Sunday and they've already started flying.

The factoids:
- Limited run of less then four dozen total
- All black, no art at all.
- Front panel is imported Calamai soft-shell with fleece backing. Optimal insulation and breathability with minimal thickness to insure under helmet fit
- The other three panels of the hat are wool
- Based on a standard four panel cycling cap and a traditional Euro winter hat
- Full brim
- Earflaps
- $42.00 + Shipping or directly available at NYC Velo.

Monday, November 10, 2008

S'ak Passe: A Benefit Race for Haiti

My good friend Collin, a proprietor of SNAP Delivery, is throwing a benefit race for Haiti this Saturday. This is going to be a good one.

Friday, November 7, 2008

More shizz

I'm hopefully going to pick up the winter hats today or tomorrow, time permitting.

More stuff in the community:
- Brad from Trackstar has opened a restaurant in Greenpoint! Its called Boneshakers (or Snackstar if you're prone to that sort of thing.) What can you expect? No meat! BYOB! Bike lovers! Tattoos! Dope sandwiches! Haven't been yet, but I'm sure he'll have a sweethart or two working there. http://www.brooklynboneshakers.com/

- Abe at Outlier is putting out some fantastic technical yet tastefull pants. Stay tuned to their blog for product updates and check here for a secret pre-order. Well worth it.

- This weekend sees a 5 Boro Generals race, the Graffiti Rider. Have fun, be safe and stay off of my lawn.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Changes and other crap

Whelp, there haven't been any updates for a little while due to the overwhelming number of updates. Does that make sense? It oughta.

- We have moved the studio out of a shared 'collective' in Long Island City. The situation became regretfully untenable and we had to move.

- Studio is now set up and radder then ever!

- Winter hats by this weekend. Different then other winter hats, our as-of-now-unnamed hats are our standard four-panel hat but with ear flaps, wool and a fleecy soft shell front panel from Calamai. Good stuff and it promises to be the warmest cycling hat ever (seriously, I haven't been this excited since Obama won, oh wait...)

- Obama won!

- The ELVS rim program continues with Velocity. I'm working my hardest to develop a machined side-wall version for use with rim brakes. I actually run a disc brake on my bike but thats a post for another day...

- Empire is the new movie from New York (aka the Empire State).

- Prolly moved his blog (I'll update the side links in a bit)

- Macaframa premiered in NYC. Good shit! The footage was epic and highly memorable (especially Nate's crash.)