Thursday, November 6, 2008

Changes and other crap

Whelp, there haven't been any updates for a little while due to the overwhelming number of updates. Does that make sense? It oughta.

- We have moved the studio out of a shared 'collective' in Long Island City. The situation became regretfully untenable and we had to move.

- Studio is now set up and radder then ever!

- Winter hats by this weekend. Different then other winter hats, our as-of-now-unnamed hats are our standard four-panel hat but with ear flaps, wool and a fleecy soft shell front panel from Calamai. Good stuff and it promises to be the warmest cycling hat ever (seriously, I haven't been this excited since Obama won, oh wait...)

- Obama won!

- The ELVS rim program continues with Velocity. I'm working my hardest to develop a machined side-wall version for use with rim brakes. I actually run a disc brake on my bike but thats a post for another day...

- Empire is the new movie from New York (aka the Empire State).

- Prolly moved his blog (I'll update the side links in a bit)

- Macaframa premiered in NYC. Good shit! The footage was epic and highly memorable (especially Nate's crash.)

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