Wednesday, June 10, 2009

42 Below, Ride Across America

Starting on June 23rd (I think) from the NYC Bike Film Festival, 42 Below is sponsoring a ride across the USA. Looks pretty awesome, 42 Below is going to be driving a van with everyone's gear in it behind the riders. The 42 riders have already been selected and have picked between a northern (shorter but mountainous) and southern (longer and hotter) route.

Laek House and Velocity, are sponsoring Adrianna Tippit-Martelli as she takes the northern route across the country. She will be joined by a bunch of people from NYC as well as notable people such as Jacqui Phelan. Pretty rad.

More on Adrianna and her build up as it progresses....

More on Jacquie Phelan: Blog
42 Below Vodka ads on YouTube

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