Saturday, May 12, 2007

A couple of things-

Firstly, I want to welcome our latest retailer into the fold; Go visit Braden Govoni's new shop - Carytown Bicyle Company, located at 3224 West Cary Street in Richmond, VA. Its a new shop, opened within the last few months and should be awesome. Go show your support!

Secondly, let me address the remarkable lack of female sizes in our catalog. When we first started Laek House we offered a whole ton of colors options and female sizing. Over time we trimmed the offerings to only the most successful color combos (which happened to be earthier tones and baby blue(!?)) and dropped the female offering due to lack of sales. This is not to say I want to keep excluding my sisters from the Laek Club, in fact we have no problem producing one-offs for you at the same price as the other shirts. Just drop an email to and we'll get you situated.

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