Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Velocity and Laek House prototype ELVS Deep-Vs

As shown at Interbike 2007, a collaborative effort between Laek House and Velocity Rims: the ELVS rim. Still in the prototype phase, the ELVS rim is based around the popular and colorful Deep-V and features 360 degrees of retro-reflective visibility.

We're stoked, they're stoked. Once testing is done, these rims ought to be showing up at finer bike shops across the world.

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Dublin Messengers said...

I want these, no scratch that, I need these. Probably the sweetest set of rims I've ever seen. What a great concept. Let us know as soon as they are available as I want in!

Matthew said...

Any idea as to when the prototype phase might be finished? Is this something we're going to have to wait years or months for?