Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Roach

The Roach.

This is my polo bike. So far the only bike I’ve ever bothered to name and it is the craziest and most fun bike I’ve ever owned. A total roach of a bike, both the fork and r.triangle are out of alignment and it’s a tiny 50cm x 50cm frame (I ride a 54cm). To top it off, I found it on the street after passing by it day after day. Pictures by Sasha Eysymontt.


  • Trek 1200 50cm aluminum frame/fork from god knows when.
  • Headset: loose and pitted
  • Wheels: Velocity cardboard (The best name to ride with don’t ya know!) 7spd
  • Cranks: 165mm. Still have overlap with the front wheel though.
  • Shifter: Downtube shifter. The shifter boss has come slightly unbonded from the downtube. Meh
  • R.Der: Long cage shimano LX from the parts box
  • Bars: MTB risers
  • Brakes: Janky calipers that I traded for.
  • Brake Lever: A 2 into 1 special lever. It pulls both brakes at once and is set to pull more rear brake then front.
  • Polo Ratio: 32-? Its been getting higher lately so I’m not sure. Probably around 2:1.

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