Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fixing Carbon frames

About a year ago I was at NYC Velo (don't ask me why I keep linking them, but they're an important part of this story) hanging around like I tend to do. Of course a lot my 'hanging' time involves trying to get things for free. Not new things mind you, but items like used tires for polo or odds and ends that ended up in the parts bin.

For a while, (at least a year plus) there had been a damaged Ridley Damocles in the bin just getting knocked around. There was noticeable damage on the seat-tube at the clamp and someone had over-torqued the front derailleur clamp and crushed the tube. The Damocles is a $2200 carbon frame and frankly, I've never owned anything that nice in my life. Snaked it (with permission) and brought it home.

So, I had a sweet dust magnet and it sat on my wall for a year. I had heard that carbon fiber (CF) bikes were repairable but there were very few people in this market. After a little research, I contacted Calfee out in CA and had the boys at Affinity box it up and I sent it out.

Just got the quote yesterday. I'm going to fix it. Doooopeness shall abound.

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Croupier said...

RR Velo ( is a Calfee split off and would probably fix that bike up cheaper. Plus, they have more experience than the new guys at Calfee do. Their work is far more mature and reliable in my opinion.