Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What am I working on?

Indeed, what is being worked on at Laek House?

- Winter hats: This is being worked out right now. I've sourced some neat wool/softshell materials for the front pieces of the hats. Its a breathable, warm and windproof while not being to thick.

There will be two versions, one with ear-flaps and one without. Both will have the softshell front.

- Hip Pouches: I've been working on one for a little while now and am on the second iteration. What I can tell you now, the bags will have an integrated U-lock holster (built around a Krpto Mini) a reflective element, a tab for a blinkie and a way to carry a pump externally. It will probably have two pockets as well but I'm working this out as I go.

For now, it will built out of vinyl coated truck tarp. Ideally, I'd like to dump all PVC products though and am open to suggestions.


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