Saturday, April 11, 2009

Women's Clothing Questionnaire

My friend Adrienne is working on developing a line of classy clothing for active/athletic Women (presumably akin to Outlier). I don't think that she has a name for her nascent company yet and is focusing mostly on market research at this point.

I think she is right to pursue her idea! At least 85% of athletic clothing marketed towards women looks as if it was designed for/by the Soccer Mom Association of America (SMAA). Boring and borderline insulting, you would think that women are only interested in butterflies and colors like baby blue and pink.

"Hey Ladies,

I'm sure you have all noticed that there are many cycling inspired lines out there that cater to the boys. If a line does offer women's options, they are usually limited, designed by dudes or take a back seat to the men's options. I want to put an end to this madness and i want your help!

I'm working on developing a fashion driven women's cycling line designed by women that puts the ladies first. This project is for business school. But, if I do well on the project, I can potentially win money. If I win money, I can make the line happen. If y'all could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. I want dudes' feedback too .... so everyone should take a look at my survey and fill it out?!




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