Saturday, January 20, 2007

Rode my bike in the woods!

Rode (legal!) trails in Manhattan this morning! Andy (NYC VELO) and I chimped out and took the train up from the E.Village to 125th to get to Highbridge. A good idea if there ever was one cause it was damn cold! Not sure what the exact temp was, I had at least 11 pieces of clothing on (socks/shoes/gloves, each count twice) and was still a little cold on the road.

We had an 8:30am meet up with Jamie Bogner ( and some others to sample the trail system. Highbridge is a crazy little NYC park. Its nestled in one of the less, um, nice areas of the Manhattan up by the GWB and is filled with a lifetime supply of broken glass and other detritus. Up until earlier this year, it was just another abandoned and forgotten park in NYC, but the NYC MTB guys, in conjunction with the Parks Dept have been building trails! Dope!

The trails are looking good and I'm going to donate some hours when the ground thaws.

Ride was uneventful except for Andy catching a flat and me eating it on the ice at Astor Place. Slid for a couple of feet and looked like a dummy, didn't get smushed by car though. Nice!

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