Monday, January 8, 2007


My interview.

To see what it looked like in print you'll have to look at the daily pdf. There's a sweet pic of me on the couch at NYC Velo.

Only error was the price of the shirts, they sorta said they were cheaper then they actually are... oops! No biggee! Stoked on the article. Stoked like whoa!

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keNYC said...

yo EETH (from the dude that sits across from you at work),

dude, you are far, far too cool to be working at npg. get another job!!! i cant believe your in AMNY. i'd frame that sucker and glue it to the ceiling above my bed if i were you. anyway, i kind of know how you feel bec in college, i used to ride my bike all the time, and also rode to class pretty much daily. then, one day on the way to biotech, i got creamed and kind of rolled over the hood of the car and landed in the middle of the road, all dazed and confused and junk. amazingly i was totally uninjured, other than cuts 'n bruises. but, my glasses got smashed to hell, which sucked. i was like scared to cross the street (even in clemson, sc, which is essentially a town of about 7 people) for a while. have joked to people up here about riding in the maybe i WILL get a shirt and give it a totally out of shape as it is and need to do something quick before i have a heart attack....