Monday, July 7, 2008

New Sticker

I actually finished this little guy about a month and have only distributed it to local shops where it disappeared with the quickness. Stress not, I'm reordering more.

It was, to say the least, inspired by a recent rash of bike thefts. Its small enough to not do more then half-wrap a top-tube or seat-tube and is sitting on top of business card in the pic.

Also, if you were in riding DH mountain bikes about five years ago, this sticker might make you think of a certain item from Brooklyn Machine Works.

SASE's will get you a few.



zaumi said...


awesome sticker but how can i get one? i'm from berlin ... would u send me one in a letter? ^^


Dublin Messengers said...

great sticker!
Dubliners would like some also! How can we get some to Europe?

Ethan Laek said...

email me ethan -at- and we'll figure out something with shipping.

iwasyourdad said...

bike theft in chicago is crazy! and i feel that this is an ample warning system to deter it. great job. i'll check back when more are available.

iwasyourdad said...
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Peter Platypus said...

Looks sweet! Where do we send the SASE?

Ethan Laek said...

send the SASE to:

Laek House
807 Willoughby Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11206


Peter Platypus said...

thanks so much!

nick said...

in the mail. woo hoo!

Terrance said...

Hey, thanks for the stickers!

Christopher said...

Im in florida, it'd be cool to get some down here! what do i have to do to get about 20 of them suckers!?

moses said...

How can i get my hands on one of these? There's been a number of bike thefts around the city and on my campus at school.