Monday, January 5, 2009

New Color Shots

So here are some shots of the new color in conjunction with the original black ELVS rim. The color is a light silvery pearl and is about 333% brighter then the black.

The main reason for the differentiation in effective retro-reflectiveness is due to the new color's decreased absorption of the visual spectrum. Wha? Basically, the reflective element, because it is closer to white, is reflecting more light and absorbing less (look at the silvery reflective stuff on your sneakers, bags and riding gear, there is nothing obscuring the reflective element). The irony here though is that the black rim isn't the least reflective color offerable, that dubious award belongs to Blue (of which the white is 1000% brighter)


RacingChicken said...

These look great! When will they be available?

Ethan Laek said...

Get your LBS to order'em!

They'll be a week or so because they were just released...