Thursday, March 12, 2009

A.Calder and Abstract Mobiles

I know this is more then a little bit random, but as I was going through my Google Reader earlier today, I came across a post on Monoscope that was a repost from Dinosaurs and Robots (new to me as of today) about making your own Alex Calder/abstract mobiles.

designers never smile for some reason. creating shit is serious business.

Totally made me remember how blown away I am with Calder's mobiles. The simplicity of the forms, the cleverness of the mobile's construction, the slow and heavy way the whole unit moves. Really quite genius and something I'd like to own at some point in the future.

Some of his work:

Art car project for BMW in the 70's. So rad!

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Nicolay Worren said...


interesting article. May I borrow one of these photos (the one with the man constructing the Calder mobile, from the book) and use it on my own blog?

Kind regards,