Monday, March 16, 2009

Just some pics and a recap

Yah, I'm on a mountain bike kick right now. Rode some trails yesterday with my kinesthetically gifted friend WillH and we were both reminded how far we've fallen down the fitness tree. I'm trying to winch my way back up, but lets be honest, it would help if I made better dietary concessions then picking Turkey baloney over Mixed-Parts baloney.

Some vintage MTBs culled from's BoTM (Bike of the Month)competition:

Crazy Shock-a-Billy from Fat Chance.

Incredible rebuild of a Yeti C-26. Those black pieces are carbon tubes, this includes the fork.

I think this one is my fav. Can't go wrong with black and red ano!

Not familiar with Zieleman per se, but I love the build and refinish.

Yeti Ultimate. Really great snapshot of MTB history!

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