Thursday, March 26, 2009

More excellence from Outlier

I'm going to just cut and paste here...

"A great cap will fit you like a second skin, it doesn't just protect your head and keep you warm, it becomes a part of you. It's there every day, every ride, ready for the rain, the sun, and wind. When we set out making a spring time, cool weather cap, we wanted to make something that would last for years on end. Not just another flimsy cycling cap, but a premium garment that is wind proof, water resistant and ready for those crisp morning rides season after season.

This spring we're introducing the OUTLIER Waxed Cotton Cap. Made in collaboration with our friend and master milliner Victor Osborne, we designed this cap to fit solid, look great and age to perfection. Waxed cotton (like good whiskey) builds character and develops with time. The colors darken and the fabric's appearance enhances.

Available in navy, army green, black and tan. Fit wise, a medium is 22.5 inches naturally and stretches to 23.25 inches. A large is 23.5 inches naturally and stretches to 24.25 inches. A traditional look with a modified four panel construction, fully lined and made in New York City for style and quality.

Thanks to Chris Reed for the pic below."

Willis with Manhattan in the background.

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