Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Alas, we hardly knew you...

I finally went and did it.

I sold The Roach, my erstwhile polobike. It treated me well, but after gathering dust for about nine months (due to a nagging shoulder injury caused by falling on myself), it was time to call it quits and cut my losses.

I'd never named a bike before, but the name 'The Roach' seemed all to proper for this rugged little Trek 1200. I ran it 1x7 and used a brake lever that linked the front and rear brakes (a key part of my technique was going really really slow (don't ask)) and it worked well for that. Both the wheelbase and frame were way to small for me (it was a 50 and I ride a ~54) and it made for a twitchy ride.

I'll miss you little buddy! Have fun in the Polo court in the sky!

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