Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Milwaukee S700, PaintJobs and Neon Splatter

If you follow the fixedgear blogs at all, you've most likely stumbled across Prolly's blog: Prolly is Not Probably. Noted rider, nice guy, frequently referenced Bike Snob material and progressive fixed gear trick rider. Prolly has been working with the guys at Milwaukee bikes on the development of their fixed-gear freestyle/street frame, tentatively named the S700.

For at least a couple of years now, I've been wanting and waiting to see some of the elaborate paint jobs of yesteryear come back to the forefront. I mean, why not? People around these parts are snatching up vintage roadbikes with the quickness, and frankly (though I wouldn't have space) I fully support it. Quality stuff and crazy paint jobs (Colnago and Klein were prime offenders). Anyway, one of my favorite styles during the period of the crazy paint job was always the neon splatter. A black base with neon splatter or a neon base with black splatter.

I'm guessing that the test riders are getting to customize their paint jobs on the S700. This guy's rules hard. NEED MORE. NEED MOAR SPLATA.

side note: If you come near me with a fisheye lens, I might stab you. Its just as bad a slo-mo in a Clay Porter film. Ugh.

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