Friday, March 13, 2009

Velocity's New Rim

I know that I'm a bit late on this one in the Velo-blogo-sphere but Velocity is working/developing a new rim called the B43. From the outside, it looks like a wider, deeper and iteration of their evergreen highly popular Deep V. Internally, there is extra reinforcement via a cross-beam near the nipple bed.

Mind you, there is almost always a weight penalty for anything that increases in size and thickness, and the B43 will be no exception (physics yo). Parallels are easily drawn between the B43 and the H+Son rims with their similar rim depths and target audiences. But they are guaranteed to diverge in long-term performance as the cross-beam and extra mass of the B43 assure a solid and reliable rim.

I've been working with Velocity for well over a year now finishing their Deep V's with ELVS (black and silver pearl) and look forward to seeing the B43 cross my work table.

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