Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Red Hook Crit Aftermath

I didn't make it last night due to a prior engagement, but here is a recap from Gabe of Team Pista Face.

"That was a super fun race. One of the most exciting times I've had on a bike in recent memory. The course was so fast, hard, slick and bumpy.

As an example of how bumpy and hard we were pushing I lost 2 spoke cards and I know Chris lost at least one. With the sound Dave's frame made hitting a pothole in turn 1 mid-race I was sure he cracked a frame or something. Amazed he didn't flat. Was great working with the chase pack, but I came from behind and never even saw Neil, so I thought there was another group of 5 or 6 riders we were chasing, didn't know it was just one guy. I think being in a break-away had a definite advantage, as the gains you got from drafting on the straights were lost by having to sort a pack out to single file for the technical sections. Neil could just choose the perfect line and TT it. Crihs was definitely super strong based on how he kept yelling at us to get organized and chase, and even had breath to yell at the bystanders (there was a particularly hilarious "Fuck you get out of the way!!" at the chicane one lap). I was hoping to have more gas left for the final sprint, but everyone checked out going over the final cobble stones, I almost got JT at the line but he got 5th by half a bike or so.

That chicane was awesome to blast through as a pack, the direction change reminded me of a motorcycle race, especially with getting on the power coming out of it in the wet.

Big ups to Neil for staying away, John for repping Team Pista Face and coming in 3rd, Crihs for making us work, the corner marshals for keeping the busses at bay, and Al for running the thing so smoooth. Many many thanks to Dave for the race and the excellent times and the beer."

Posse in effect.

Eventual third place finisher, John Ktel. Congrats son!

Lead race marshal Alex (last seen on this blog killing it at the Monster Track Gold Sprints)

Peloton before actually becoming a peloton.

Racers in action, dealing with the rain on the black top and cobbles can't have been easy.

More pics here:
Gabe's shots
Groovylab's flickr

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